There are four divisions of JAI:

Junior Academies K-12 Home and School Program, a non-profit orginazation, was proposed and developed by a group of educators with over ninety years of public, private, parochial and home-school experience. Founded in 2002, the basis of JAI was a simple one - to provide a year round equitable education and support system for all children, with an enhanced focus in the development of higher order thinking skills in reading, writing and mathematics.

Junior Academies K-12 is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission.

I n 2005, JAI introduced the math tutorial program. To address the changing needs of the community, JAI provided life coaching that centers around the educational success of the child. It became evident after JAI was providing housing and educational needs for homeless youths, that the need for a Transitional Living Program was badly needed.

1) JAI Middle and High Schools are a non-traditonal virtual school for grades 6 through 12.

2) The JAI tutorial program specializes in building strong foundational math skills to insure the student's genuine love, understanding and success in math.

3) Life coaching for parents, educators and students.

4)  Transitional Living Program ( The Ford House)