Math TutorialProgram

Junior Academies K-12 provides educational coaching for administrators, teachers, students and parents that ultimately makes students feel more in charge of the learning in their lives.
Parents are part of the educational planning team for their child(ren) and are involved in every decision process. 


Traditional Schools are not the only option for students to prepare for their life journey to becoming successfull productive citizens in society.  Families can now enjoy the convenience and flexibility of online education for the middle and high school  student. Students are evaluated on their most recent transcripts and assigned to courses needed in order to complete the required coursework that would lead to a high school diploma.

Online Learning for Grades 6-12

  • Our math enrichment program is for the primary student who is just beginning to discover and explore mathematical concepts both on their own and through teacher-directed lessons.
  • We also support the student who just needs that extra individual time to understand new concepts taught in the classroom as their class moves on.
  • We provide new challenges for the student who has a genuine love for math and would like to advance further on their own.

Life Coaching